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Birthdate:Jul 12, 1982
Location:South Carolina, United States of America
I'm a Queer fiction writer (meaning: a Queer author and an author of Queer fiction... lol) and activist, back in college after a six-year absence for a degree in social psychology. Add in music and animals to that description and you know almost everything about me.

I originally left the two journals separate because I was finding my way on the other one, but if you want to know my more private face, the one in which I explore my identity and what it means to me, that's all over at [personal profile] queerspoons. This is my public-face journal, the one where I post things that I don't mind people challenging me on. My identity is not up for challenge. (So keep that in mind if you head over to [personal profile] queerspoons; feel free to read and comment and ask questions, but for fuck's sake, don't start a fight.)

Other things that might be of interest:

1. My gender descriptor is trans - I'm third gender, and I identify with "transness" much more than I identify with any specific gender. I'm trying to transition to using gender-neutral pronouns (xe and hir) to refer to myself, but 27 years of habit is hard to break.

2. My sexuality descriptor is "queer" because gay, lesbian, and bisexual are gender-specific for genders I don't identify with, and "panromantic asexual" just takes too long to type out most of the time.

3. I am emotionally disabled. Despite being a Psych major (see below) I've not yet managed to go get formally diagnosed. However, knowing what I know, I can guarantee you I have anxiety (usually socially triggered) with panic disorder, I have cyclical depression that actually looks a lot like Bipolar II, and some days I literally feel like I'm going insane and am going to crawl right out of my own skin. I try to minimize the overall impact of that on my flist though.

3. I'm a Psychology major in my senior year. I went to college once a long time ago (and generally will refer to this as, "When I was in college..." as if I'm not currently in college now, figures) and dropped out in the middle of my sophomore year due to not knowing how to cope with the above-mentioned emotional disability. My minor is Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution, and I've intentionally chosen courses that focus on social justice and social inequality.

4. I have no idea what I'm doing after I graduate, so I will probably flail about that from time to time.

5. If you've never heard of the spoon theory, you will after you've been around me for any length of time. It's the best thing I've ever heard to describe how I interact with the world around me from behind the veil of my psych and mood disorders.

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